Allogenomics team


  • Nephrogenomics and Transplangenomics
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  • 4, place Jussieu
  • 75005 Paris, FRANCE

Genomics of Transplantation - Transplangenomics

The Transplangenomics Team and the Allogenomics concept

Our team is part of the ISCD Team Information Science for Personalized Medicine created in December 2018. We develop new approaches and new computational tools and methods based on Next Generation Sequencing for the study of rare and common kidney diseases. We study the genome of patient affected by a nephropathy of unknown origin and at the same time we try to understand based on genomic marker the e development of chronic graft rejection. We invented and developed the concept of Allogenomics, a new method comparing both donor and recipient genome and predicting long-term kidney graft failure.